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Call for peaceful and successful GNOC election

Feb 11, 2011, 12:29 PM

The much-anticipated GNOC Presidential Election has been marred with controversy, since its inception. Now that the election is slated for tomorrow, we must express our delight, and we urge both parties to exercise calm so as to ensure a peaceful election.

The GNOC should endeavour this time around to make peace among themselves, and organize a free and fair election.

What we want to emphasize, and which people have to understand, is that an election is meant to create an environment for people to choose their choice of candidate.

It is the responsibility of the eligible voters to elect a candidate who can steer the affairs of the national Olympic committee.

Who becomes GNOC president can only be determined by the voters and, therefore, people should think before voting.

The president should be experienced enough to manage the affairs of the GNOC, and must be someone who can do execute his duties bearing in mind the best interest of sports development in the country.

Consequently, we urge the voters not only to go to the polls for the sake of election, but to put the interest of the nation first before self.

Do not elect a candidate based on your individual relations or any other superficial considerations, otherwise history will judge you, one day, for your actions.

People have to understand that the GNOC is a very important sports association as far as The Gambia is concerned, so any person to be elected to such a prestigious position must be a competent and credible person who would be able to properly handle the position.

We must emphasise that politics should not divide us; elections come and go, but institutions still remain.

 Therefore, we urge you all to give peace a chance, and chart the way forward for a better GNOC.

Once more, we wish the two aspiring candidates for the GNOC presidency good luck, and may the best candidate win.