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Caddies in row with GGA President

Feb 17, 2011, 11:43 AM | Article By: Lamin Drammeh

Recent media report has it that there is a rift between Ebriama Jawara, president of the Gambia Golf Association and the Caddies over the eligibility to take part in the Baby Mariam Jammeh sponsored 40,000 Us Dollars Golf Tournament which has since kicked off at the Fajara Golf Course.

The spoke person of the Caddies Lamin Drammeh, recently visited Pointsport with a bitter complained of an unfair treatment he and his colleagues are receiving from Ebrima Jawara, the Golf Association’s president in recent times.

Drammeh, and his followers have threaten to boycott the ongoing Baby Mariam Jammeh’s tournament citing unfair treatment as the reason of their boycott.

Drammeh in his own words accused Jawara of denying the Caddies, the opportunity to take part in price money competition describing the decision as unfair. 

Ebriama Jawara, on Friday came under further attacked by some members of the Association over the issue but he was quick to poured cool water on the persistent report that he has ever denied anyone from taking part in the tournament in a letter sent to Poinsport.

Ebrima said, “ I understand that there was an interview aired over West Coast Radio  on Friday 11 February 2011, where the GGA President and the Gambia Golf Association were attacked by one Edrissa Jammeh, a Fajara Club Caddy.

As part of the Baby Mariam Jammeh Golf Tournament sponsored by H E Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya A J J Jammeh, President of the Republic of The Gambia, Fajara Club caddies were supposed to play a Caddies’ Competition on Sunday 13 February 2011.

The Gambia Golf Association (GGA) met both the representative of the Fajara Club Caddy Committee and the Fajara Club Caddy Master on Monday 7 February 2011.

They were told that the caddies are amateurs and therefore they cannot receive cash prizes, but GGA was putting a Callaway Golf set and bag worth GMD15,000 as the first prize. There would be other prizes for second and third.

At 9.09am On Friday 11 February, the president of GGA received a text message from the Caddy Master produced hereunder:

I spoke to the caddies but they said without cash they are not playing and I tried this morning again but still the same answer.

I quote the following from The R&A Rules of Golf on the status of amateurs. Caddies are classified as amateurs and hence covered by the following rules.


2.An amateur golfer must play the game and conduct himself in accordance with the Rules.

1-2.Amateur Status

Amateur Status is a universal condition of eligibility for playing in golf competitions as an amateur golfer. A person who acts contrary to the Rules may forfeit his status as an amateur golfer and as a result will be ineligible to play in amateur competitions.

1-3. Purpose and Spirit of the Rules

The purpose and spirit of the Rules is to maintain the distinction between amateur golf and professional golf and to keep the amateur game as free as possible from the abuses that may follow from uncontrolled sponsorship and financial incentive. It is considered necessary to safeguard amateur golf, which is largely self-regulating with regard to the Rules of play and handicapping, so that it can be fully enjoyed by all amateur golfers.

1-4. Doubt as to Rules

A person who wishes to be an amateur golfer and who is in doubt as to whether taking a proposed course of action is permitted under the Rules should consult the Governing Body. An organiser or sponsor of an amateur golf competition or a competition involving amateur golfers who is in doubt as to whether a proposal is in accordance with the Rules should consult the Governing Body.


3-1. Playing for Prize Money

An amateur golfer must not play golf for prize money or its equivalent in a match, competition or exhibition.

Note: An amateur golfer may participate in an event where prize money or its equivalent is offered, provided that prior to participation he waives his right to accept prize money in that event.


Fajara Club caddies are not registered with GGA. They are registered with Fajara Club.

It is rather unfortunate that a few ignorant, misguide youths will use the West Coast Radio as a platform to tarnish the image of GGA and make personal attacks against its president.

I hope you will find time to clear the air. There are different factions who have a vested interest in seeing that the Baby Mariam Jammeh Tournament fails, so that gains GGA has made since its inception will be for naught overnight.

Note. In our Monday 14th February 2011 Edition Golf Story Captioned ‘Baby Mariam Jammeh Golf Tourney Underway’, we indicated that the open competition of the juniors and students of the Gambia Golf Academy played on Sunday 13th February 2011 at the Fajara Golf Course was sponsored by Lady Njameh Jawara instead it has come to our knowledge that the entire competition is sponsored by the President of the Republic of the Gambia.

We deeply regret the error.