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Bureng United Football Association seeks assistance to publish book

May 31, 2013, 12:47 PM | Article By: Alieu Bobb

A book written by Bureng United Football Association entitled “Facts about Bureng football” could not be published due to financial constraints. 

The association is seeking help from all football lovers across the country and abroad to achieve this task.

According to Amadou Darboe, president of the association, who walked into The Point offices on 29 May 2013, the book is written by the executive of the association.

“This book gives vivid explanation and account about Bureng football and seeks to develop and expose football in Bureng and Jarra East in general, by developing a documented history, in the form of a book,” Darboe says.

Having known the risk of oral history, the reliability and validity of information might be compromised if not collectively documented, he added, saying:

“We realised that there have been many interesting Nawetans in Jarra East District and there is at least a winner in every tournament but every village claims to have won more tournament than others.

  “To make oral history a thing of the past and make our football history reliable and make these claims and counter claims clearer to everyone, is the sole aim of this material.

“This material is a collective work which includes concerned individuals of Bureng, about the football history and confirmed it through independent people in other villages within Jarra East District.”

Mr Darboe adds: “This book comprises all the District Nawetans played by Bureng Village, with the most recent Nawetan from the first one they have played. It is composed of players, officials and mentors of each Nawetan each year.

“The book also gives a summary of the final matches played by Bureng from 2011 to 1983/84, including some pictures of various matches played by different teams. It also encapsulates sacred places in Bureng such as Taba-ba, Jamang Konko and has important places such as the two Mbarros, the Bureng Primary School, etc.”

The book also contains the executives of Bureng United Football Association (BUFA), their dates of appointment and terms in office and advisers of the executives.

Darboe explains further: “In it you will also find the individual pictures (profiles) of our heroes. We have in it the test matches played by BUFA and a summary of matches it has won, drawn and lost. A summary of goals scored and conceded by the teams.

“You will also find the names of major contributors/financiers and supporters to Bureng football. The book as well summarises the matches (Nawetan matches) played by Bureng against its major competitors (Statistical analysis of District Nawetan).

“The record of players in the third generation and a précised score sheet of some players in the second generation, all based on the information in this manuscript.

“Bureng village lies in the heart of Jarra East District, approximately, three kilometers from the main junction commonly known as Bureng Korossmang, Lower River Region, 300km from the capital city of Banjul along Trans-Gambia high way.

“The village has its history in The Gambia having had western education since colonial era in 1949. In that, one may imply that the early successes of Jarra East, in terms of education, are achieved through the intervention of western education.

“Bureng served most of its satellite villages in primary education until the 1980s when later some schools were established, which included Pakaliba, Barrow kunda Donghoroba and Nyawurulung.

“Renowned it may be, Bureng Primary School, as it was called, received and has continued to produce quality education to its students making it possible for them to pass in common entrance examinations with flying colours, in pursuing their higher secondary education.

“The village is characterised by so many physical features that make it interesting to live your life in.

Some of the major features are hills, interesting streams and valleys people like visiting.

“They enjoy climbing hills and skateboarding down to the bottom using wooden trunks. Also youth indulged in swimming in streams locally called ‘Punsango’, which is another popular activity among the youth including boys in the raining season.”

 Anyone willing to help Bureng United Football Association can call the following numbers: (220) 9231613, 3143383, 2006550, 6367620, 6614131 or 7357963.