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Bun Sanneh back in court, continues testimony

Nov 3, 2011, 3:03 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The former executive director of the National Drug Enforcement Agency, Ibrahim Bun Sanneh, continued his defence on Tuesday at the Special Criminal Court in Banjul.

Bun Sanneh denied giving an order to the 5th accused, Seedou Bojang, the accountant to pay back the sum of D140,000 to the 4th accused, Marie Sanneh.

He added that he knew Alieu Sanneh (PW11), who is also an NDEA officer, as a mechanic, and that the vehicle Alieu Sanneh had repaired was confiscated by the court because it was involved in transporting cannabis and the offender was arrested.

He added that the vehicle was in a bad condition, and that he called the 5th accused and Alieu Sanneh to his office, and told them that he wanted the vehicle to be in a good shape.

He further told the court that if the vehicle was good it could be used as a source of income for the agency.

“To my surprise, I was called by Alieu Sanneh and he told me that he was at the Banjul Basse garage loading it to Basse. I instructed the 5th accused to go and asked Alieu to off load the vehicle, and make sure that the vehicle was parked at CTI in Bijilo,” he added.

Bun Sanneh said that Seedou Bojang subsequently gave clearance to Alieu Sanneh without his knowledge, and that the manifest was signed by the 5th accused, Seedou Bojang.

The case continues.