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Brufut Zonal Championship in progress

Apr 5, 2012, 2:07 PM | Article By: Adama K. Jallow

The Zonal Championship, which kicked off in Brufut on 28 March, has continued to produce interesting matches.

After commencing with a spectacular encounter between Sanchaba A and Sateba A, which ended 2-2, the zonal competition recently featured another tactical match between Sanchaba B and Ghana A that ended 2-0 in favour of Sanchaba.

In the same vein, Wullinkama went away with a great lead after beating New Town B 3-2 in a stiff encounter played on 31 March.

The most recent game played was Sateba B vs Santo- Su A, which ended scoreless draw on April 1.

Other spectacular matches are going to kick off from tomorrow at 4:30pm, between Santo- Su B and Sanchaba A to be followed by Nyaffulen vs Sanchaba B, Wullinkama vs Sateba A in the consecutive three days.

The most talked-about game expected to be watched by many is between Santo-Su A and Nyaffulen A, to be played on Monday at 4.30pm at the same place.

It would be recalled that this was the game supposed to be played in the opening of the Brufut 2012 Zonal Championship, but was later suspended due to the demise of their colleague, OusmanJatta (alias Jatta B).