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Bravo to national football veterans society

Dec 24, 2010, 2:51 PM

During the Stakeholders Football Tournament which ended on 25 November 2010 at the Independence Stadium, the national football veterans were awarded a giant trophy in recognition of their outstanding performance in the tournament.

They went ahead to receive a certificate of participation as well as the most disciplined team award.

These items were received on behalf of the society by its president Amadou Touray.

The society deserved some kudos for serving as a role model for the youth of the country.

The society deserved another big congratulation for travelling by land all the way to Mauritania in July 2010 to participate in a solidarity triangular football tournament.

At the end of that tournament, The Gambia was awarded a certificate of participation.

That wonderful gesture has also gone a long way in promoting regional integration.

This was the advice given to the Veterans Society about a couple of years ago by their honorary life chief patron His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya A.J..J. Jammeh.

This is an example for the youth to follow. Secondly, it is complementing the efforts of The Gambia Football Association in the development of sport in general and football in particuular.

As age goes, keep it up the gallant veterans. Despite your ages, you are still agile in the field.

May Allah the almighty continue to give you the wisdom, strength and good health to be able to play an effective role in raising the Gambian flag high both locally and internationally in the football arena.