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BMRA Seeks Sponsorship Ahead of December Event

Nov 25, 2009, 12:17 PM | Article By: Sainabou Kujabi

Over the years, Taf Holding Company Limited has been the major sponsors of the annual Brufut Marathon run,  alongside other associations such as Friends of The Gambia Association and individuals in the successful staging of the most prominent and consistent marathons in The Gambia.

Unfortunately, the major sponsors Taf will not be taking charge of their sponsorship role in this year's event. As Taf put it, they are not in a position to come in" due to the present economic crisis," says Ba Jabbi BMRA's Chairman.

The marathon run which is a fund-raising drive aimed at helping needy students, as well as taking care of other community needs in and around Brufut, such as the Health Centre is making a strong appeal to individuals, NGOs and the business community inorder to make this year's event a success.

"Taf communicated their stance on the matter in a letter to the association at a short notice so we are seeking sponsorship for the 15th edition of the internationally-recognised marathon run set for December 12th 2009," Jabbi concluded.