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Banking and The Quest for Excellence

Sep 24, 2008, 8:13 AM

Investing in a developing country can be seen as a way of investing in local people and the development of their expertise. One major advantage of The Gambia today is that the banking industry has and continues to show a steady improvement in the economic growth, thanks to the proliferation of banks in the country.

But in a situation where industries lack competition, consumers would not enjoy any good products and services from the various providers.

To be precise, our discussion centres on the initiative of ECOBank, Gambia-Limited, who yesterday gave out prizes to four students as winners of the bank's 'Retail Week Offer'.There is no doubt that the bank has distinguished itself as one of the few banks in the country that have set up a retailed week scholarship fund for students. Our contention is that successful businesses in the banking industry or anywhere ought to donate some of their profits to deserving, indigent students, and give them a chance to acquire higher education in order to improve their lot in life.

Excellence, as many would say, is doing something so well that nobody can fault it. Seen in this light, the quest for excellence calls for high proficiency coupled with discipline, diligence and dedication.

As indicated by the bank's head of Corporate Affairs during the presentation yesterday, students should make excellence their way of life.

In an emphatic way, ECOBank is in a way helping students go for higher education to prepare for the future and at the same time prepare them to be proficient, dedicated, disciplined and diligent persons.

It is however important for such a gesture from Ecobank to be seen as a challenge and a call to look inwards and put the interest of customers on top of priotities in businesses.

We have to know that as much as it is our burning desire to succeed in whatever form of business, it should be backed by efforts and commitment that can put us on the path of progress and prosperity. There is no other way out.

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet".