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Bakau Independent Candidate addresses supporters

Mar 26, 2012, 1:08 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Dodou Kassa Jatta, Independent Candidate vying for the Bakau Constituency seat, has told his supporters that the APRC candidate felt threatened by his candidacy.

Dodou Kassa Jatta said so when he was addressing his supporters at a mass political rally at Bakau Katchikally.

He told the rally that the incumbent has been representing the people of Bakau for ten years, and has not been able to bring any meaning development to Bakau.

He added that the incumbent has not been contributing to the debates at the National Assembly, and that things would be different if he is elected, because he is brave enough to stand in the National Assembly to speak for the interest of the people of Bakau.

He spoke of the poor condition of the roads in Bakau, especially Katchikally area, for which the incumbent has not done anything.

Jatta urged his supporters to vote for him massively, come the 29th March National Assembly elections, and to maintain peace during the campaign period.

One Alagie Jawara, also spoke in support of the Independent candidate, and told the gathering that the bad roads in Katchikally has left much to be desired.

He added that during the raining season all the roads in Katchikally are impassable, and crocodiles in the area, from time to time, would come near their homes.

He said it was the responsibility of the incumbent to do something about that, but instead he would keep quiet in the National Assembly and would not say anything in the interest of the people of Bakau. 

He said what the incumbent would only do, was to vote for any bill at the National Assembly, without considering its negative consequences. He further stated that such a representative should not be given another mandate.

He urged his fellow supporters to vote for the Independent candidate who would address the needs of Bakau in the National Assembly.

Jainaba Njie, who is throwing her weight behind the Independent candidate, told her fellow supporters that she is a student, and it was time for the people of Bakau to vote out the incumbent.

She accused the incumbent of not doing anything for the people of Bakau, and called on the youths to bring about change in Bakau.

The Independent candidate if sent to the National Assembly would bring some projects to Bakau, she stated, adding that Dodou  Kassa Jatta can do it because he has promised them that he would do so. She lamented the high cost of living and soaring prices.

She also complained about the poor condition of roads in Katchikally, and said that, as students, they always find it difficult during the raining season, when going to school.

She further stated that since the incumbent is not doing anything about it, the youths should vote him out to bring about change in Bakau.

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