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Back to school

Sep 17, 2012, 10:26 AM

The beginning of the school calendar is always a busy period for students, school heads and parents.

This is a period when some parents are busy trying to settle school fees, book bills and acquire new uniforms of their children.

It is also a moment when schools receive new intakes of students, and also witness changes in the school administration at certain levels.

After all the struggles made by parents to meet the educational needs of their children, it is now time for the students to focus on their education, and study hard to pass their exams.

Back-to-School should mean serious business to students, and should mark the end of the summer holidays and idling on the beach.

The first term of the academic year is always a broken one, with the Tobaski coming in. But the final year students - that is the Grades 9 and 12 students - will have to realise that, despite the festivals, the first term is the only time they have to study very hard for their exams.

They must take advantage of it and work hard now, so as to avoid the last-minute rush that is typical of students’ preparation for exams.

Inadequate preparation is one of the causes of the poor results we have been getting in external examinations over the years.

School authorities should ensure that, whatever happens in this first term, the final year students should be exempt from certain activities, and made to concentrate on their studies.

Since the future and development of this country depends to a large extent on our young people, they have a duty to educate themselves well so as to move the country forward.

Education is the key to success, and for the attainment of any developmental aspiration, and students should always remember that the fruit of education is sweet.

The reason the government and private individuals are building schools is to mould children to have  better education, and become responsible people in society.

Let your books be your friends!

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” 
Sydney J. Harris