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Association of Small Scale Enterprises Embark on Tree Planting Excercise

Jul 23, 2008, 6:15 AM | Article By: By Malamin Conteh

The association of small-scale enterprises in tourism, also known as ASSET, has embarked on a tree planting festival at Abuko Nature Reserve extension. The project was sponsored by The Gambia Experience and was organised by ASSET. About 2,500 saplings were planted.

Mr. Badou Patch Jallow, the permanent secretary at the Department of Forestry and Environment, deputised for the Secretary of State. He said the efforts were a step in the right direction. He stated that rainfall in The Gambia has fallen to about 30% of what it was and for this reason it is the responsibility of everyone to plant more trees. He urged the people in the satellite regions of Abuko to protect the buffer zone. He finally thanked the organisers for the timely move and said that tourism and environment are partners.

Mr. Alpha Omar Jallow, the director of wildlife, revealed that the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the sustainable utilisation of our wildlife reserves through management and governance.

Mr. Jallow pointed out that the occasion was vital not only for The Gambia but for the world because climate change affects biodiversity and the Gambia is no exception. He further highlighted the numerous functions of trees including the provision of oxygen for humans and animals to breathe. He finally highlighted the fact that climate change is contributing to the extinction of both flora and fauna and that the best way to combat this is to plant more trees particularly indigenous species.