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As we see it

Sep 1, 2010, 3:19 PM

The availability of a good road network in any country is an essential ingredient in national development, as it facilitates the smooth movement of people, goods and services.

The rainy season is already here, a time when most of our roads become a major concern and topical issue in many corners of the country.

During the rainy season, many people going to work have to walk in the rain and through deep waters and mud. We reiterate that every effort should be employed in putting our roads in a good state, with all possible haste.

Every year, we convey the fact that concerns are being expressed by the general public as regards the poor state of roads, not only within the Greater Banjul Area but also in all parts of the country, especially in the rural areas.

Knowing that the central government cannot do it all alone and reach out to every corner of the country, we wish to reiterate the need for effective decentralisation to ensure that area councils take on some of the burdens.

People pay taxes to be provided with necessities. They should also know how their money is being used. They, therefore, expect the best service from the area councils.

In as much as they are established to serve the Gambian people, they must be seen to be addressing the needs and demands of the people, and to fairly meet these demands.