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APRC ward mobiliser on 22nd July Revolution

Aug 8, 2016, 10:30 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

Talibo Congira, Latrikunda Sabiji ward mobilizer, has said the 22nd July Revolution under the leadership of President Yahya Jammeh had registered “tremendous achievements” within a short period of time.

He said the recent inauguration of the GNPC building and that of the National Assembly was a clear indication of some of the major developments registered, and a clear testimony of the successes registered during the 22nd July Revolution.

Speaking in an interview with this paper, Mr Congira said the 22nd July Revolution came to effect positive changes for the Gambian people, and had ushered in numerous developments since 1994, especially in education, health, energy, agriculture, introduction of quranic memorization, roads and other infrastructural developments.

Mr Congira, who is also a businessman, commended the Gambian leader for the numerous development initiatives he had brought to the doorsteps of the Gambian populace.

He said the recent quranic competition organised was a clear indication of the love and care he has for humanity and his religion.

On the July 22nd Revolution celebration, Mr Congira said it is a real revolution with a difference, and had come for change as people have seen massive developments in the country since 1994, brought by President Jammeh.

On the rural electrification, Mr Congira commended President Jammeh for bringing a project which has eased the burden of the rural people.

He also spoke about the transformation of the health sector, road network, communications, introduction of internet, empowerment of women by appointing a female governor, ministers, parliamentarians, which also is a clear indication that “there is total empowerment of women” in the country.

According to Mr Congira, “all these successes were registered during the 22nd July Revolution under the leadership of President Jammeh”.

He called on the youth to rally behind President Jammeh and the APRC party, which would bring “massive transformation” in the country.

“I urge every youth and women of the country to join me in supporting President Jammeh for bringing more development initiatives in the country,” Mr Congira said.

He also said as far as the youth of the country are concerned, they would continue to rally behind President Jammeh and his party to see that he achieves his dreams. 

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