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Appreciating efforts of Gambian Writers

May 27, 2011, 1:23 PM

Another Gambian writer known as Momodou Sabally has just launched get another book entitled "Instant Success".

We welcome the efforts of Mr Sabally in writing the book that was widely-recommended by most participants at its launch.

With this and other undertakings by this young Gambian writer, Mr Sabally has made a name for himself.

It is indeed historic, especially for Gambian youths and the older generation.

Youths and the older generation have a lot to learn from this book, because the basic building block of success is to be yourself.

We are not surprised to see Sabally writing such a great piece, while encouraging him to keep the spirit and culture of writing.

Writing, especially of this kind, is not an easy undertaking and, as result, we congratulate the author for his work.

Writing requires a lot of time and resources to come up with a book; so if the authors of books launch  their books, people need to patronise them and buy their books, as this will encourage them to have the zeal to keep writing.

In The Gambia, we are blessed with good writers. After the struggle to produce books, others are also trying  to copy their work, which is the most discouraging part of it.

We encourage the public and students, in particular, to adopt the culture of reading which will widen their understanding of issues.

With the Writers' Association of The Gambia now formally operational, local writers could only be assured of an enabling environment of putting their experience in writing.

The association is now well-organised, and its members  are very much committed towards the upliftment of the association.

One again, we would like to congratulate Momodou Sabally for the good work, while encouraging the public to endavour to read the work of this young writer.