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An Exceptional Art Gallery in Town

May 22, 2009, 7:52 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

It is an absolute reality without doubts that the works of artists cannot be measured in our development agenda both in creation of employment and beautification of our environment.

Likewise, this is clearly demonstrated in the work of Miss Joanna Viheria of the African Living Art Centre on 9 Garba Jahumpa Road, Bakau, where you can see clearly the beautiful paintings and sketches with fine creative artworks of pictures and artefacts with images and portraits of people and objects made out of feathers, shells, ropes, wood, iron, stones, flowers and a beautiful fish pond in a glass.

There are also some traditional instruments with educative pictorial display for awareness of the rich African cultures. It also has an excellent backyard garden with a bar and restaurant available with all kinds of drinks and food.

 Speaking to Entertainment recently, the naturally gifted and talented artist Miss Joanna Viheria who stays with her Gambian family, Hanna and Modou Semega-Janneh said she spends most of her time capturing angles, forms and aspects of African life style through lens or sometimes sorting through photographs whiles staying with her Gambian family. She also revealed that she spends some times exploring the African Living Art Centre, its archives, books, pictures and arts with mediums used. Also studied and applied natural an organic mediums as washes such as indigo, cola nuts, henna, sepia-constantly pushing her boundaries and holding in suspended animation.

According to Miss Viheria, elements that come together are inspired by numerous energies and interplay music in its broader spectrum such as that of the cure; an abstract interconnectedness in architectural skills and visions; in competitive sportsmanship and all living moments of how design, music and art are integral pools of life forces. She added that this constant request led her to choose Suelle as her life coach.

This entwined compassionate bond and progress manifested itself in the celebration concept of the present exhibition Africa E-motion, she said.

She added that while creating for the Africa E-motion exhibition, she has spent most of her time between her homeland Finland and The Gambia. She said her energies are now freely transmitted into her artwork and into her life as an artist.