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Alleged thief remanded at Janjanbureh prison

Jul 2, 2008, 5:30 AM | Article By: By Abdou Rahman Sallah just from CRR

Travelling Magistrate Amadou Baldeh of the CRR circuit has issued an order for the remand in custody of one Saidou Jallow as his trial got underway recently.

Saidou Jallow, a Senegalese national, could not meet the requirements of the bail granted him and would accordingly remain at Janjanbureh Prison until such time that he is able to satisfy the requirements.

He was in the meantime charged with the offences of stealing as well as impeding a police officer in due execution of his duties.

Saidou says he is not guilty of any crime and consequently the prosecution produced its first witness to give evidence in the matter.

Giving testimony at a moderately attended court session at Kaur police station, 1274 Salang Ndong, a police officer attached to Njau police station, cast her mind back to 26 May whilst she was at work at Fass checkpoint in CRR north.

"Whilst at the checkpoint, I saw a man riding a bumper bicycle with a carton tied at the back of the bicycle. When the rider reached the checkpoint, I stopped him and asked him to untie the carton from the bicycle so I can inspect the content," she related.

"Upon opening the carton, I saw a generator in there. When asked where he was coming from, the accused arrogantly responded that he rode the bicycle from Serekunda to Fass and could not produce any document regarding the generator. I told him to follow me to the station but he insisted on not going and started raining insults and stones on me. It was at this juncture that I called Njau police station for reinforcement, leading to his subsequent arrest."

The case was at that juncture adjourned until 10 July to allow prosecutor 1260 Colley bring in more witnesses.