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Alleged goat theft case continues

Aug 19, 2015, 9:33 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

One Alieu Sanneh of Kasakunda village Monday testified at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate E Jaiteh, in the trial involving one Korigi Camara, accused of stealing.

Sanneh told the court that some time in 2015 at Kasakunda village, he was sleeping inside his house in his mother’s compound, and left his mother outside.

He woke up and saw the accused person come with his motorbike, opened his compound gate and parked the motorbike inside the compound.

The accused went and brought a basin, at a time when the complainant’s goats were coming from the bush.

They came up to the accused’s compound gate and the biggest among the goats went inside the accused’s compound and the accused caught it.

The complainant then told the accused person to release the goat, and the accused insulted the complainant.

He advised the complainant to go and report the accused to the alkalo, (village head), which she did.

The alkalo’s younger brother came, and asked the accused person about the goat, and the accused insulted the Alkalo’s younger brother too.

The following morning, one police officer came to their home to take the picture of the said goat, which was allegedly stolen by the accused person.

The police found the said goat slaughtered and dumped under a cashew tree near the accused’s person’s compound, and the police took the picture of the said goat.

They followed the footprints up to the accused person’s compound, and then they both went to the Brikama Police Station where he made his statement.

The case continues on 25 August 2015.