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Alleged false information case proceeds

Mar 7, 2012, 2:12 PM | Article By: Binta Fatty-Gitteh

The case of giving false information involving one Babucarr Jawara, Monday proceeded at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court with the testimony of the first prosecution witness.

Momdou Salieu Jallow testified and told the court that he lives at Brikama Wellingara and he is an Islamic teacher by profession.

He said he knew the accused person and could also recall some years ago when something did transpire between him and the accused.

Mr Jallow adduced that he and the accused shared the same fence and that he wanted to build a Mosque in the compound but it was too small to host a residence and the mosque.

“Since the accused is my neighbour, I went and asked him to exchange his land with another of my land in a different area, which he agreed to,” he added.

“The exchange was done in the presence of witnesses, such as Malick Badjie and one Joof,” PW1 said.

He took the land and started developing it, he said further, adding that after six months, the accused came and claimed back his land.

“I called the witnesses who were present at the time of the exchange to go and appeal to the accused to let the exchange continue since I have already started developing the exchanged land,” he told the court.

He further adduced that the witnesses went to the accused and appealed to him to let the exchange continue, but he refused to listen to them.

The matter, he said, was later taken to the Brikama Police Station and later to the court.

“While the matter was proceeding at the court, I heard that the accused had written a letter to the Office of the President,” he added, saying the accused also lodged a complaint against him with the police commissioner in Yundum, where he was called to go and answer, which he did.

He said the police commissioner’s office in Yundum and the police commissioner himself visited their various compounds and later told the accused to apologise, which the accused did.

Under cross-examination, the witness told the court that he was in court to give his evidence as to what transpired between him and the accused.

When it was put to him that he knew nothing about the case, the witness said he knew something about it.

The case continued on 19 March 2012.