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ALFOB gives D250, 000 worth of items to fight spread of COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020, 12:11 PM

The Association of Licenced Forex Bureaux (ALFOB), an umbrella body of all licenced foreign exchange bureaus in The Gambia in recognising the presence of the deadly covid-19 virus in the country, has donated sanitary materials worth D250,000 to help  the government of The Gambia in its battle to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

According to a press release, ALFOB recognises the fact that this pandemic is the concern of every individual in the country regardless of one’s status as ‘we are all vulnerable’.

“Therefore, The Gambia government alone will not be able to provide all the necessary resources to fight the virus. It is against this backdrop that ALFOB has donated some very essential medical supplies/cleaning materials to the tune of D250,000 (Two hundred and fifty thousand dalasis) to complement the efforts of the government through the Ministry of Health towards this noble crusade in fighting the covid-19 pandemic virus. We would encourage everyone to comply with the simple guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health which is working in tandem with WHO to reduce the spread of the virus”, the release states.

Below is the list of donated items:

Water Container Bucket 100 litre 70 pcs

Small Buckets 12 pcs

Bleach 26 x 5lt gallon   8 boxes

Spray Machines            100 sets

Plastic Hand Gloves     17 sets

Disposable Hand Gloves x 800 pcs   8 boxes

Disposable Tissues x 96 rolls   7 boxes

Face Mask x 250 pcs   5 bags

Dettol Soap x 288 pcs   2 boxes

Dettol Liquid Soap x 192 pcs   2 boxes

Hand Sanitizer x 24 pcs x 500 ml   2 boxes

Liquid Hand Wash x 36 pcs   3 boxes

Ordinary Soap x 624 pcs 12 boxes