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Aji Sukai senior school holds graduation ceremony

Jul 1, 2014, 10:05 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Aji Sukai Ndeteh Memorial Senior Secondary School Friday held its graduation ceremony at the school grounds in Old Jesdwang, and it was attended by senior government officials, parents, as well as teachers of the school.

In her welcome statement, Haddy Jammeh, the principal, said the theme was chosen to enable the students attain knowledge that takes into account not only the disciplines taught, but also the norms and values of the society.

Having done so, they shall become self-reliant, dutiful and responsible citizens of our beloved motherland, she added.

“I am privileged to inform the august gathering that the school is adorned with a cream of teachers coming from the Gambia and the sister republics, who in their own right are specialists in their areas of deliberation,” Mrs Jammeh said.

What was even more appealing about the staff was the multi-cultural dimension display, which enables the students in addition to their educational pursuit, to learn the good qualities of the norms and values of the Gambia and beyond.

The school principal further said the school had endeavoured to create subject departments manned by heads of departments, who are shouldered with the responsibility of ensuring a regular and proper monitoring scheme.

To trigger the staff in delivering their lessons to further complement what the teachers are doing in class, various clubs were formed, thus allowing students to widen their horizons, she added.

Mrs Jammeh further informed the gathering that the school has been aware of the fact that learning could not be limited within the confines of the four walls of the classroom, and it democratically conducts a bantaba every term where students meet with the administration and teachers in an open forum to discuss matters affecting their lives.