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Afrinic Rebrands logo, launches new website in Gambia

May 18, 2012, 2:36 PM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

AFRINIC, the African Network information centre, and one of the five regional network registries in the world based in Mauritius, has rebranded their logo and launched a new website to cater for the growing demand of its clients and public.

The launching and rebranding of logo and website respectively was part of the company’s goal of ensuring a fair distribution and management of internet number resources in the Africa region.

Like four other internet regional registries, AFRINIC is a member of a group of Resources Organization which operates as a non-governmental and not-for- profit member-based organization.

The company’s rebranding and launching was held  in the side line of the AFRINIC Public Policy Meetings which attracted industry professionals in a very open and cooperative environment.

It provided a unique opportunity for all Internet-related organizations to gather and have their say in the Internet policies governing African region, through policy development and discussions, sharing of technical knowhow, tutorials and training.

The Chief Executive Officer, Adiel A. Akplogan, briefly addressing the gathering, said AFRINIC has a pool of around 900 members over the 57 countries within their service region.

He said that due to expansion and growth in their service in the community they served, AFRINIC deemed it necessary to adjust its global image to the new dynamics.

According to him, the design behind the new identity of AFRINIC is based on an idea to reinforce the dynamics they have seen in the community to give an identity to AFRINIC that clearly translates that dynamics.

Unveiling the new logo, CEO Akplogan said the rebranding does not mean something is changing. “Nothing is changing, we will operate same,” he said.

“The new logo represents AFRINIC, not as an organization but AFRINIC as you as a catalyst for shape reason that we have across the six regions we are operating and that vision constitute the base of stability for AFRINIC. The logo is meant to emphasis our commitment to support the internet development in our region which ‘Internet Protocol Version 6’ (IPv6) is the fundamental pillar of this evolution.”

He told his evening audience.

The meaning, he stated behind the Logo is play basically on the notion of community and their connection with the underlying idea of growth.

He said AFRINIC moving forward together with the African Internet Community and its stakeholders towards IPv6 and the future adding: “Looking forward, we at AFRINIC are reflecting on our collective mission and our role at this turning point across the regional and global Internet community.”

This exciting time of transition to an IPv6 Internet, amid the rapid development Africa continues to experience, presents an opportunity for us to change our look to complement our diverse and dynamic community,” he said.

Dilating on the new the meaning behind the new logo, he said: “The new logo represents us AFRINIC, at the heart of the community, in a collaborative vision with the six regions and our commitment to encourage the new turning point of Internet development though IPv6 deployment. The logo also plays on the notion of community and interconnections with the underlying idea of growth (different dots sizes) through serving the community.”

The Dots, he said: “The sets of two highlighted black dots represent the new IP addressing: IPv6 and AFRINIC readiness to the IPv6 era. The orange dots reflect the inclusiveness, diverse and dynamic arms of the African Internet community. Together they converge in the same direction making a dynamic logo and positioning AFRINIC as a pro-active leader within the community.”

The slogan “the Link that unites us” is a metaphor that carries AFRINIC Mission, Vision and Core values that inspires and gets AFRINIC close to the community through its key services, infrastructures and capacity building strategy while positioning the company as a junction for Internet Technology development in Africa.

He explained the essence of the new look: “Our logo is the face and the signature of AFRINIC. It represents who we are and how, together with our vibrant community, we position ourselves and move forward. The logo will bring cohesion to AFRINIC and its stakeholders and boost our sense of belonging to our dynamic environment. AFRINIC and the Internet Community have always been one and this new era will reaffirm our commitment to Internet development.”

For her part, chair of the Board of AFRINIC Maimuna Jobe Jagne said the unveiling of the logo shows that AFRINIC is moving forward in providing excellent services to its client.