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African Leaders urged to focus on integration

Jul 15, 2010, 1:51 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Vincent Anani, the Founder of Campaign for United States for Africa has urged African Heads of States, to discuss about the formation of the United States of Africa in the upcoming African Union Summit.

Mr. Anani, who walked into the Point Offices yesterday, told our reporter in an interview that it is true that African Heads of States face many challenges, but they should not dispute the fact that in unity lies strength.

According to him, with unity we can move forward and overcome all challenges facing the African continent.

Mr. Anani also stated that Pan-Africanism, which was the driving force for the African continent in the early years of OAU, had proven the point that every obstacle the African continent is faced with could be solved by the unity of its people.

He further stated that at that time, it seemed that Africa had come to a point where they have mastered the art of solving their problems with their own brand of solution.

This, he added, is the reason why they want the African Heads of States to talk about African unity in the upcoming African Union Summit.

Mr. Anani further went on to say that the proposal made by the Libyan President Muhammad Khadafi will make us stronger and then urged the African Union to have a positive thought towards the realisation of his Excellency Muhammad Khadafi’s proposal for a single state.

He further revealed that the conflicts in the African continent is still unsolved, due to a series of problems, noting that it is now clear that the African Union could do little to curb the numerous wars in Africa, simply because there is no single military defence force.

Mr. Anani further stated that the African Union tends to create effective common market that can only be achieved if there would be free movement of persons and goods.

Anani said the issue of a single passport for the continent is very important in order to achieve their aims in creating effective common market.

Mr. Anani also stated that African political independence was perceived as a necessary condition for the eventual attainment of African unity, noting that their independence was supposed to pave way for African unity.

He urged the present African Heads of States to try to use their independence for the attainment of African unity.

While urging the Africans in the diaspora to contribute their quota towards African unity, he said they should not forget the land of their origin. As he put it, the African continent is in need of their comments, contributions and support on how it can survive at this crucial moment.