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Africa Must Be United Says President Jammeh

Feb 5, 2009, 4:47 AM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

The Gambian leader, President Professor Yahya Jammeh has emphasized the need for Africa to unite for the benefit of her people.

President Jammeh made these remarks on Tuesday upon his arrival at the BanjulInternationalAirport shortly after his return from Ethiopia where he attended the 12th African Union summit. "The Gambia has always advocated for unity and in fact we were the authors among the four heads of state that initiated the transformation of OAU to AU. I played a leading role in that, so our idea is that Africa must be united," he said. According to Professor Jammeh, without unity the continent will never be respected and our resources will not benefit us."For example all the continents are represented at the level of United Nations Security Council except Africa. Africa is a continent that is the main source of raw materials for the developed north without which the industries in the north would close. There is no African country that has veto power and because we are divided we are not represented at the United Nations Security Council".

President Jammeh emphasized the need for Africa to speak with one voice for a unified continent and for the benefit of Africans.

He revealed that by the time he left the summit they had laid a solid foundation by empowering the AU Commission to become an authority that will be empowered to make decisions that will be binding on all nations.

Once all these actions are in place, he continued we could have a unified continent adding that unity has always been his dream to see that Africa is a unified continent.

"I was interested in laying a solid foundation for the eventual unification of the continent".

On the issue of Zimbabwe, he said AU is asking for the lifting of sanctions on the country. "The sanctions should be lifted because there is a unity government in the country thus no need for a sanctions," he argued. He once more blamed the West for failing to intervene on the Zimbabwe's Cholera outbreak.

Commenting on the theme of the summit 'infrastructure' President Jammeh said that to be realistic, the infrastructure of the continent is not good. "Africa is very backward at the continental scale in terms of infrastructure," he said.

He argued that we are not harnessing our resources enough to develop the continent.