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A Sign Of Hope For Farmers

Dec 4, 2009, 11:29 AM

The Agribusiness Service and Producer' Association (ASPA), which is the inter-professional body vested with the management of The Gambia's groundnut sub-sector, in collaboration with the government of The Gambia has announced the price for the 2009 marketing season.

The groundnut producer price is pegged at D8500 per metric ton, plus a commission of D900 per metric ton for the 2009/10 Groundnut Marketing Season.

This year's price is indeed better than the previous years which stood at D7, 200 per metric ton.

Noting that it's good tiding that this year's price is quite favorable, compared to what's attained in other parts of the sub- region, Gambians would be better prepared to heed to the back-to-land clarion, if there is a better bargain for fruit of their labour.

This will not only improve the standards of living of Gambian farmers, but encourage others to seriously engage in farming.

Better pays would accord our farmers the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their sweat, considering the strenuous efforts they endure in tilling the land.

While we encourage our farmers to take their groundnuts to the buying points and desist from crossing the border to foreign centres, we also urge the prospective buyers to avoid credit buying as this can bring discomfort to our farmers.

We wish all Gambian farmers a successful season.