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A Shining Example of Beneficial Co-operation

Aug 1, 2008, 8:04 AM

We congratulate the police for their prompt action in relation to the raid on the so-called 'Rasta Garden' in Kololi. We also congratulate the Alkalo, community leaders and residents of the area for their responsible action in bringing this kind of activity to the attention of the police thus making their job easier. The whole operation is a glowing example of the kinds of results that can be achieved when the police and the community work together for the betterment of our nation.

An effective operation such as this one builds trust between the police and the community and will continue to yield great results for a long time to come. The blossoming of the relationship in this case is clear from the words of Abdoulie Joof, the Alkalo of Kololi, who wrote to the Inspector General of Police. He said, "we promise that we are ready to collaborate with the entire police fraternity to have an effective police-community relationship in order to eliminate all unconstitutional vices within the Community."

The world over, community policing and the encouragement of good relations between police and the communities they are protecting have been shown to be extremely effective in combating crime. Among the most positive aspects of the situation is that the relationship is mutually beneficial. The community gets a much more effective police service in their area and the police get the benefit of local knowledge and information which makes their job far easier.

Other communities in The Gambia should follow the example set by the community of Kololi and engage with their police force. The police must reciprocate and be seen to be fair, just and incorruptible in the dispensation of their duties. If this situation comes to pass then we will all enjoy the fruits and live in a safer, crime free Gambia.