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A good hallmark

Mar 16, 2016, 9:53 AM

The contribution of the private sector to the Gambian nation has been positively impactful.

Right from education to agriculture, health, business and finance, to name but a few, members of the private sector have been very instrumental in getting these sectors of national development work for the good of the people and the country’s economy.

Over the weekend, two leading members of the private sector - QCell and Reliance Financial Services Limited - rolled out laudable projects that are out to meet the socio-economic aspirations of the people of this country to transform their lives for the better.

On Saturday QCell completed a one-hundred million dalasi health project for the rehabilitation of ten health centres across the country, whilst Reliance Financial Services (RFS) Friday launched the Women Finance Deposit Programme to generate a pool of funds for women of this country to access finance for investment and business expansion.

The health centres project funded by QCell in collaboration with GEF-UNIDO and the Government of The Gambia, is no doubt going to contribute greatly to meeting the health service needs of people across the country.

The project, which is the first phase of the rehabilitation of ten health centres in the country, provides the health facilities with 24-hour free electricity supply, solar panels, standby generators, and upgrading the maternity ward, among other facilities. This is laudable and worthy of commendation.

Reliance’s Women Finance Deposit Programme, on the other hand, seeks to promote access to finance for women from within their own communities and villages.

Women, especially face serious barriers in accessing finance to invest or grow their businesses, therefore if Reliance is coming in a robust and professional fashion to bring down these barriers and harness the full potential of women in the socio-economic development of the country, is also an amazing and praiseworthy step.

It is true that the private sector is the engine of economic growth and development of a nation and this is so with private sector players in this country.They believe that as long an environment conducive for them to carry out their businesses thoroughly, they should in turn play their part by aiding the people and supporting the government to sustain a developing economy and nation.

The intervention by business concerns -- in areas such as health, agriculture, education, environment and other strategic sectors of economy, through their corporate social responsibility and product and service delivery to the nation, deserves commendation.

Reliance, QCell and other companies in the GSM and banking sectors, among other industries, have been doing their bits to bolster the socio-economic life of the people and the country. Their imprints in meeting the needs and economic development aspiration of the nation are a good hallmark of the private sector.

“A government always needs a helping hand as it can’t do all alone.”

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