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A Cause For Concern

Aug 27, 2009, 5:52 AM

The recent floods in many parts of the country, particularly in the Kanifing Municipality and Brikama are a cause for concern.

The pictures we have seen on TV regarding these areas are disheartening and sorrowful, to say the least.

In some instances, flood waters entered compounds and even go up to bedrooms. As a result of the disaster, victims lost their valuables including cloths and foodstuff.

This unfortunate incident is indeed a cause for concern and we sympathise with the affected families.

We were made to understand that some of the flood victims are now taking temporary shelter in schools.

However, we are appealing to the concerned authorities to properly look at our drainage systems, especially in these areas.

We also advise people not to settle on the waterways to avoid reoccurrence of such incidences.

People must heed to the advice of physical planing before erecting houses in such a way that the structures can survive flood and other national disasters.

To the national disaster committees and humanitarian organisations, we plea to you on behalf of the victims of the recent floods, and other disasters in the country to come to their aid as early as possible.

Health authorities are also encouraged to closely monitor the situation, so as to prevent any outbreak.

We implore friends, relatives and neighbours to help the affected families in all forms of assistance.

It's important to observe that stagnant waters could serve as breeding ground for mosquitoes.

This can, of course, cause malaria and thus undermine our effort to eradicate the killer-disease.

Some people are also with the habit of throwing waste on the street under rains. This is unhygienic and all civilized individuals must desist from it.

Also, in some flood affected areas water often destroys toilets and moves on to different directions. This is another alarming situation as it can cause harm to people.

Once again, we call on the municipalities and all concern authorities to be well prepared, and be on the alert as the rains in this August is not showing any form of abating.