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FEGAMY 2023 National Summer Youth Camp underway in Banjulinding

Aug 8, 2023, 12:08 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

The Federation of Gambia Muslim Youth (FEGAMY), a local youth organization, on Sunday commenced a weeklong 2023 Youth Summer Camp in Banjulinding, West Coast Region.

The weeklong event is taking place at DirectAid Centre in Banjulinding.

FEGAMY is an organization comprising professionals from diverse disciplines, including health, education, journalism, politics, and students from various academic and professional levels across the country.

 The Summer Camp aims to provide one hundred and twenty-eight (128) young participants from primary schools, junior schools, senior schools and tertiary institutions with a unique and enriching experience based on the teachings of Islam.

The camp will include enlightening class sessions, thought-provoking conferences and the opportunity to learn from esteemed scholars.

The camp will also include Quranic recitations, speeches, poetry, Islamic songs and sporting activities.

In his welcoming remarks, Dr Pa Samba Secka, president of FEGAMY, said he was happy to attend the annual Islamic gathering, describing the camp as a place where young people converge to worship the Almighty Allah as well as learn about the teachings of Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W). However, he welcomed everyone in the summer camp.

 Dr Secka prayed that Allah bestow his blessings on all participants. He commended all those who supported FEGAMY in the implementation of the event, especially Afrimed International Hospital for providing medical support to the camp.

“We are grateful to all those who supported us in the implementation of the activity,” he said.

Dr Omar Jagne, Chief Executive Officer of Afrimed International Hospital, who was the guest speaker of the occasion, commended the organization for supporting and empowering the young people.

Afrimed International Hospital is committed to supporting FEGAMY in empowering the young ones, he reaffirmed.

Ebrima Bah, director for FEGAMY 2023 National Summer Youth Camp, informed the gathering that there would be a series of presentations during the course of the camp geared towards empowering the youth with the needed information to develop themselves.

 Mr Bah, also a journalist, said research had shown that “providing quality education is the best way” to empower young people. However, he said experts and well experienced people would have direct contact with the participants to equip them with skills and knowledge.

 “This is a camp where you come to learn,” Mr Bah said. “We would like to acknowledge the participants for their understanding. We also urge you the participants to maintain your understanding.”

He assured the participants that they would get relevant knowledge and advice during the weeklong camp.

Omar A. Bojang, chairman of FEGAMY Advisory Board, said the organization was formed to bring public officials and Islamic scholars to work together to contribute to national development as well as support Islamic education.

Bojang urged all participants to continue their commitment towards the organization to ensure the sustainability and continuity of its activity implementation.

Sheikh Tijan Cham, vice president of Kotu Senior Secondary School, said: “Education is very important. It would help one to understand that he or she is created by Allah. Therefore, we have to act beautifully to Allah and thank Him for creating us.”

Preaching on the occasion, he said further: “Almighty Allah created humans purposely to worship Him. Thus, people should continuously worship Allah and have maximum respect for their parents, most especially our mothers.”