GFF to benefit from USD1, 500, 000 FIFA Covid-19 relief fund

Jun 29, 2020, 1:10 PM

The FIFA Council have approved funds as Covid-19 Relief Funds for all Member Associations and the GFF will be entitled to USD1,000,000 (Universal Solidarity Grant) and USD500,000 (Women Football Support) totaling to USD1,500,000.

These funds are expected to be disbursed to member Associations. First $500,000 will be disbursed in July 2020 and the second $500,000 in January 2021, while the $500,000 support to Women's Football will be released in July 2020.

To ensure effective oversight, FIFA said it has devised strict control measures for the use of the funds and they shall undergo the same FIFA stringent audit process.

In addition, member Associations can access an interest free loan facility up to 35% of the audited books of accounts of their annual revenues.

According to GFF, in line with its constitution, its Executive Committee will propose the appropriation of these funds after consultations with relevant football stakeholders and the General Assembly to approve the expenditures.

“The GFF, as announced in our earlier Covid-19 Relief Fund Support to Clubs and Regional Football Associations press release, shall utilize these funds to manage the current and post covid-19 effects to football in The Gambia by supporting our Members, Football Infrastructure development and Administration,” added the GFF.

It added that its Executive Committee is currently studying the FIFA Covid-19 relief Plan regulations and consulting relevant GFF organs prior to tabling the planned appropriation of funds (Budget) to the GFF General Assembly for approval as there will be a major variation in the approved budget for the current year.

The Gambia Football Federation and its members meanwhile thanked FIFA for the gesture.