May 26, 2022, 12:38 PM | Article By: D.M. Badjie Political Scientist/Analyst

Following the announcement of the New Cabinet, naturally, Gambians at home and abroad received the news with mixed reactions. Some were unsatisfied that certain ministers were retained and others wondered why certain ministers were dropped from the team. Some felt that some ministers were not appropriately placed in the right sector. This is expected in a democracy and the right to freedom of expression.

In my view, The Gambia could not have a better Vice President on this occasion than a seasoned technocrat like Badara Joof, and The Gambia could not have a better Minister of Energy and Petroleum Affairs than Abdoulie Jobe, who is a well-trained Engineer and former Managing Director at NAWEC. These are two of the fine picks by the President. The rest of the Cabinet is a mixture of technocrats and politicians. It is hoped that they will all serve the public interest to the maximum.

We must now understand what is at stake following the President’s speech to the new Cabinet on the occasion of their swearing into office. He elaborated on vital issues touching on our lives. The GRTS, QTV, Paradise TV and other media houses should always recall the event to remind Gambians that we are in for a new era in governance under President Barrow.

In my own assessment, Barrow has implied that our nation cannot be drifting towards the wrong side of history. His second term will be results-oriented and there will be no compromise with non-performers, dishonest, disloyal, corrupt and failing national institutions. This is the way to go Mr President, and after five years, your government will pass the test on the record of its performance. For informed decisions, the role of the media is critical in national development. It will be tragic for the government to dismiss all media reports as opposition. Some of those in position, including advisers, have a tendency to hide the truth from power just to secure their jobs.

The media will bring out pertinent issues of concern to Gambians and those will be noteworthy for system change and effective administration. The media plays a pivotal role in spreading the vision and agenda of the President in national development and serves as the watchdog for wrongdoing and poor service delivery by the state. The fundamental problem in the country today is no longer on political or social issues, but on how to persuade public officials and the intelligentsia that they are under obligation to serve their people and to serve them well.

From his track record, we have a President who is democratic, patient, and development-oriented. What we need now is an order of magnitude change in governance and in our attitudes to work. The blame game society must be transformed into a shared responsibility and collective accountability society if we are to move this country forward. It is now on the moral conscience of those in power to have their hands clean in the service of the nation. By all accounts, The Gambian people have put their trust and confidence in President Barrow to lead the country into the next five years.

It is advisable to have a Chief Minister who will ensure that all government policies and programs are fully implemented. Hard work makes the country flourish and empty talks harms the country. The new Cabinet is wished well in their endeavors.


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