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Exodus Alliance mediate in damaging dispute

Nov 9, 2020, 12:56 PM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

A press release sent to The Point by the African Diaspora Returnee Association (ADRA) has indicated that a number of repatriated individuals and organisations in The Gambia have been involved in a dispute that is both publicly exposing and damaging to the future of repatriates on the ground all over the continent.

The release further explained that in the best interest of all, they initiated communication with parties involved in the dispute and invited them to a-closed door mediation.

The Alliance noted that it is not its goal to point fingers, cause division, find fault nor expose the inner issues publicly, saying their goal was to allow parties to enter mature and professional discussion in a controlled environment in order to find a solution for all.

“Upon completion of the first mediation, we have decided to assist the disputing parties with legal and financial management resources through the African Diaspora Returnee Association to find a quick and transparent solution to the crisis and asked the individuals to reconvene with us at a later date to conclude the mediation and both parties have agreed to cease all negative media publishing (Facebook, Youtube etc) in the interest of peace and professionalism”, further explained the release.

The release concluded that after such a major step in the direction of community and nation building, they could set the precedent that we as a community can handle ourselves accordingly and manage our affairs with order and independence.