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Creative industries award artistes in COVID-19 awareness campaign

Jul 6, 2020, 2:02 PM | Article By: Fatou Dem

In recognition of efforts of artistes, Gambia’s creative industries last week awarded musicians, poets, writers, associations, and promotional companies for their participation in the COVID-19 pandemic awareness campaign.

The initiative was supported by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa through the Youth Empowerment Project implemented by the International Trade Centre in collaboration with the Government of The Gambia.

A poetry challenge was launched to give a platform to young Gambians to sensitise the population about preventive measures using their preferred art form. Out of eighty-one submissions, seventeen were selected for different awareness-raising activities.

It continued with music and video challenge in which Fifty-three were submitted out of which eleven were selected for the campaign.

The EU Ambassador Attila Lajos said there is no doubt of the severe impact that the crisis is having on the creative industries, saying many of the changes that COVID-19 brought will remain for a while and some of those changes will become new realities.

He assured that the EU and its partners will continue to give support as they navigate the troubled waters.

Fatim Badjie, an entrepreneur said in spite of the many challenges, the creative minds in the sector have lived up to the credo and vision. She said more than in any other sector, they have spearheaded innovation, collaboration, and creativity to tackle the challenges.

Madam Badgie said during the state of public emergency, many people, including children have been in isolation with huge close down with limited social activities. She said this has changed the manner communication is done and has increased social media audience.

"The COVID-19 interventions through our creative industry also kept the people entertained and appreciative of creative arts."

Representative of the producers and designers of face masks, who is also the coordinator, Ndey Fatou (TIGA), said face masks have become a symbol in the fight against COVID-19, saying she has coordinated for the production of 10,000 face masks through the EU and YEP as part of their contribution towards the fight against the infected disease.