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May 28, 2021, 2:08 PM

Press release

Arguments and struggles for relevance between behaviorism and institutionalism are old and rooted within the matrix of politics and administration. While institutionalism emphasizes the importance of institutions to societal growth and behaviorism supports to idiosyncrasy, the Nigerian Community in The Gambia is yearning for attitudinal behavior of actors and players as a catalyst for development,

As we share the sentiment of the institutional approach to the development of the Nigerian Community, we also with the opinion that in the face of ethical values erosion, laziness and the usage of administrative positions and resources for personal and private selfish interest with pecuniary gains, should be wipe away by any member of the Community. If the community’s executive is constantly disregarding and disrespecting the constitution, it could remain the headquarters of confusion, trouble and infighting among members in the Gambia.

The infamous and imposition of royal father of the Nigerian Community on Nigerians in The Gambia has been described by THE CONCERNED NIGERIANS as an Obnoxious Bad Attitude (OBA), exhibited through the shameful actions of a handful executive of the Nigerian Community in The Gambia. It is the beginning of division of the Nigeria Community as this act is an absolute affront to the constitution of the Community. 

Trajectory of the division in the Yoruba community persists till date because of the self- imposition of a royal father on the Yoruba community without due process of the constitution. The division in the Yoruba community gave birth to the formation of Oodua Progressive Union, an umbrella body for those aggrieved with the self-imposition of the royal father concept. The Nigerian Community will soon give birth to another body that will be registered under the laws of the Gambia, if this issue and madness of royal father imposition is not well handled by the Nigeria High Commission in The Gambia. The Nigeria High Commission should take note that very soon, they should be ready to deal with two bodies of Nigerians if they don’t act in line with the present Nigeria Community constitution and act neutrally. 

The Concerned Nigerians in the Gambia are using this medium to call on all past Presidents, Patrons, Elders, chiefs and major stakeholders in the community to rise up in one voice against this threat of imposition of royal fatherhood, which is perceived as the architect of confusion in the community today and in the near future as orchestrated by the lack of direction and focus of the present executive without due regards to the constitution.

The Community recall that on 13th April, 2021, an article was published by Adama Tine in the Point Newspaper reporting that the “Paramount Chief of The Gambia Momodou Bojang, who also doubles as the Head Chief of Kombo North District has called on the Yoruba Community in the country to cherish and respect the rich Yoruba traditions and cultures. In an interview with The Point, Bojang, made this statement as he recounted what his Nigerian counterpart is trying by regaining the lost glory of Yoruba traditions and cultures.

He revealed that Nigerian King is taking up a campaign against Nigerians in Diaspora who installed themselves as Yoruba King in Diaspora to discontinue with the act, as publicly condemned, cautioned and even published by some Nigerian newspapers. According to Chief Bojang, Yoruba people can be leaders outside but they can’t claim or get themselves installed as Yoruba Oba”.  Chief continued to call on both Gambians and Nigerians to regain the lost glory of their traditions and cultures which their forefathers were bent on cementing their relationship locally”. 

Information reaching Concerned Nigerians confirmed that Secretary General Mr. Great Akah Ottuduoma was used to mobilse the present executive of Nigerian Community to organize the royal night award to install a royal father in the Nigerian community, just to repudiate and make a fool of the paramount chief of the Gambia and his statements in the national daily.  

Thanks for your usual cooperation.    

Yours Sincerely,

For Concerned Nigerians in The Gambia.

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