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BlaXit, COAD donate D50,000 worth of building materials to windstorm victims

Jul 13, 2021, 2:46 PM

In response to an urgent humanitarian call, following last Wednesday’s windstorm, officials of Blaxit and Council of African Descendants (COAD) have stepped-up efforts with the donation of D50,000 worth of building materials to help ameliorate the living condition of those affected.

The items donated include corrugated iron sheets, nails and other building materials. Last Wednesday’s heavy windstorm that hit parts of the country claimed the lives of 10 people, rendering thousands homeless.

In an interview with The Point, Adrian Ryan aka Hatib Kujabie expressed deepest sorrow on behalf of BlaXit and Council of African Descendants over the unfortunate incident.

Kujabie, an executive member of Council of African Descendants (COAD), said when the windstorm hit the country and with the strong nature of it, he said to his wife that there is devastation all over.

“Myself I came from the Caribbean and went through few hurricanes. So I know with a wind force that like that, it will definitely blow off roof tops etc. So I said to my wife that we have to do something, so we called some Members of Parliament, who also support us and we said that since we have havoc in the community, we will do our best how much we could donate.”

This, he said, was how their intervention came about and they were able to buy corrugated iron sheets, nails for onward distribution to some affected communities in the Kombos and Baddibu.

“Our hearts go out to those families who have lost their loved ones. I felt it really because I wonder what is like to be in such a situation. Some people lost food and comfort of their homes and while others might be staying in shelters and loved ones. So we are also appealing to the wider community as well to also extend helping hands to these victims. It’s really a horrible experience.”

BlaXit and COAD, a non-profit organisation has been in the forefront in championing development initiatives meant to change the lives of less-privileged communities.

Over the past years, this non-profit organization has supported Nema Kunku and Busura and other communities within Nuimi and West Coast Region.