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‘Badinbung’ Initiative is here to stay’

Jun 1, 2021, 11:29 AM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

The executive director of Beakanyang has spoken about plans to make their ‘Badinbung’ Initiative, which is a Mandinka parlance for restoring conflicts in a family house a permanent local structure in the Upper River Region.

Nfamara Jawneh was speaking recently at Taibatou Village in Wuli West District of URR at an assessment meeting of the project that gave birth to ‘Badinbung’.

He said that with the successes registered by the initiative such as restoring many broken relations, reduction of village level conflicts, amplifying the voices of victims of human rights violations just to name a few, are all the more reason why the initiative must stay and further strengthened.

The lessons learned, he added, was that the whole ‘Badinbung Concept’ resonates very well with communities and is fostering social cohesion and peace in the communities.

Speaking earlier, Alhagie Bemba Jabby, chairman of Badinbung commended Beakanyang for initiating such an important project, which he said, has now been transformed into a permanent programme.

“It’s also important that we come together as key players in this to evaluate ourselves by going back to the project goal, objectives and outcomes and that is exactly why we are gathered here today.” he said.

For her part, Mrs. Sona Jawo, a beneficiary from Tambasansang in Tumana applauded Beakanyang for the project.

Alhagie Karamo Dibassy of Sandu Jakaba said the number of broken relations that they have successfully resolved using the Badinbung model is indeed many.

“We are happy that the concept is to bring religious dimension to the mediation which I think is helping us resolve more problems,” says vice chairman Oustass Makeh Jagne.

OustassYaya Sumareh, past board chairman of Beakanyang thanked Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund for supporting the Badinbung Initiative.

He called for more involvement of young people in the initiative to help them benefit from the opportunities the model offers in maintaining peace. “I had wished to appear before the TRRC to share my story with the rest of the country, but it wasn’t possible. However, I thanked the Badinbung Initiative of Beakanyang. My story was shared with thousands of people both home and abroad. In fact, I received calls from US, Europe and Saudi Arabia from Gambians expressing their sympathy with me. So thank you Beakanyang.” says Saikou Jawneh, Sutukonding, a beneficiary.

The assessment meeting brought together Badinbung Community Facilitators and some beneficiaries/victims of human rights violations under the former regime.

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