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Another one: GRA Deputy HR Director now authors 32nd book

Jan 12, 2021, 3:28 PM

Dr. Seedy Drammeh deputy director Human Resources and Admin at The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), has authored another book titled-Guide to Better Work Relationship and Inspiring Quotes.

Drammeh, who is renowned for his vast publicationshasnow authored a total of 32 books. 

According to him,the book was written following a thoroughinvestigation and feedback from various people, particularly individuals who read his publications and view quotes on his WhatsApp page.

In addition, facts stated in the book were compiled following discussion with several people, including former employees of both public and private sector. It is against this backdrop that spurred him to write the book.

The book, he added, contains relevant information concerning the importance of building better work relationship and the benefits of inspiring quotes.

“It is a fact that workplace consists of people from different backgrounds and culture. In order to promote unity, there is the need to encourage them to learn, work hard, respect, accept, supportand work together to achieve common goals.This is why it is important to provide a guideline on how to promote better work relationship. Truly, every person should be given equal opportunity to exhibit his or her skills. Also, it is important to communicate with people on matters that will benefit them. It is the reason I chose to communicate with the reader through advice on how to build better work relationship and inspiring quotes in order to encourage him or her to trust his or her ability and work hard in order to realise his or her dream.”

He thus urged readership to carefully examine quotes specified in the book in order to get a sense of it.

“Truly, some quotes are difficult to understand at first glance.Dependingon the reader’s interpretation, you need to carefully analyse each word to be able to make any sense of it. Many scholars argued that language is contextual; nevertheless, no two individuals have the same interpretation of words. Quotes often come in different forms but in many instances, it is the phrasing and grouping of these words that have the toughest effect on a particular reader. Clearly, written word is so diverse, as there are many varied languages, lingua, and ideas that have wide-ranging definitions depending on the culture.”

Drammeh indicated that one thing worth noting is the fact that no definition is entirely set in stone, especially ‘if you have a particular language that subjects you to a different way of thinking’.

Quotes, he added, are useful tools that make interesting quotes from books and verbal communication, for example, inspiring to people based on their values.

While talking to experienced people for advice when you are challenged with a difficult situation could be a good thing to do at that particular moment.Heobserved that quotes from a book could actually be the solution to one’s problem.

“We need to know that the world operates somehow differently for some people, particularly when it comes to what they should do to realise their dreams. While some people have dreams and mentors who provide guidance to them on how to realise their dreams, others rely on inspiring quotes and guidance on how to build better work relationship with colleagues at workplace.Inspiring quotes and advice on how to build better work relationship in the new bookcould positively challenge a person to think well and make a conclusive decision about what he or she intends to achieve. While all quotes are relevant, written quotes could easily enable people to read and understand it.”

The book will be available at various book stores in the country including Timbooktu Bookshop in Bakau, Suba Kunda Bookshop near Kotu Police Station.