Youths demand answers to Darboe’s dismissal

Jun 26, 2020, 12:16 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara & Momodou Jawo

Gambians from all walks of life have strongly reacted to the recent sacking of Lamin Darboe as executive director of the National Youth Council.

Darboe’s sacking took effect on Wednesday. No reason was advanced for his removal, as he was only asked to hand over to Alhajie Jarju, the programme manager, National Youth Council, per a directive from the minister of Youth and Sports.

Many Gambian youths are demanding his immediate reinstatement, while others are calling for an immediate protest with or without police permit.

“The PMO and the Public Service Commission must reinstate Lamin Mokendeh Darboe without delay, unless government comes out with a reasonable explanation. I therefore urge Darboe to challenge his unlawful termination. We cannot continue to axe every hardworking Gambian in position of leadership just because of political insecurity,” posted Hatab Fadera, a journalist.

According to him, Darboe is arguably one of the best executive directors at the National Youth Council, saying he represented the youth fraternity with distinction both at the domestic and international fronts.

“Sending him home when not expected is incomprehensible! He was fit, competent, diligent and results-oriented. There has to be an explanation to this brazen attack on the youth, period.”

Ebrima Kanteh also states:“we must rise up and demand for his immediate reinstatement.”

Zakaria Kemo Konteh said people should not expect any justifiable explanation, adding that Darboe’s removal is out of malice, bitterness and vindictiveness and it shouldn't stand.

“Allowing Darboe to stand will open up similar and even more dastard infringements on Youth Development in The Gambia. As if their indifference and insensitivity towards the plight of Gambian youths isn't enough.”

According to him, government should not be given free pass to use the youth as political pawns or face possibility of revenue

Oumie Sissokho Kinteh averred that it is about time Gambians start demanding for answers.

“It's about time we take the executive to court for using excessive power for nothing but retard our progress and objectives as a country.”

It could be recalled that Darboe has served in the capacity at the National Youth Council since 2014 and has over the years established a cordial working relationship with multitude of youths in the country and beyond.

Kawsu Fatoumatta Sillah wrote on his Facebook post, saying

“The dismissal of Lamin Mokendeh Darboe is unlawful and unjustifiable. Barrow Porg why? Is it because Lamin refused to be corrupted? Is it because he refused to align himself to a party politics?”

He further added: “Is it because he stood for and continue to defend the interest of every young Gambian regardless of their political affiliation? Or is it because he refused to comprise the council to support one-party political agenda?”

Dawda Nenegalleh Jallow, a youth leader from Basse also wrote on his Facebook post, saying “No permit needed! Who’s ready for a protest at the Ministry of Youths & Sports? As youths, we should go against all odds and prioritize our needs. “Firing Lamin Mokendeh Darboe is miscalculated and we need to make sure that he’s reinstated no matter what it takes.”

Alieu Saidykhan, also stated that youth of the Gambia will stand by Lamin Mokendeh Darboe, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We shall never relent, and we shall never surrender. We shall continue the struggle to empower our youth...who constitute 68% of our demographic dividend, but still remain the most disempowered group in the country.

Ousman Jassey, a student at the University of The Gambia also reacted to Darboe’s dismissal, adding “Lamin Darboe’s dismissal is shocking and outrageous!!! This can’t rest without answers. You can’t just make certain dismissals and allow the public to swallow the anger without consequences.

With the public resentment and concern, immediate answers or justifications must be made to this effect and so we demand that. Give us the benefit of doubt!!!!”

“Lamin is representing a quantitative number that is more than half of the country’s population. His dismissal by all accounts and factors can’t be too cheaply motivated by any reason that is otherwise trivial and vexatious,” he emphasised.

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