Yanks says Ensa Mendy was not his bodyguard

Aug 27, 2020, 11:59 AM | Article By: Alagie Baba

Yankuba Touray, a former member of the AFPRC Government on Wednesday told the High Court that Ensa Mendy was not his bodyguard.

“What are the duties of an orderly to a commissioned officer?” Touray’s Lawyer, Abdoulie Sisoho asked.

“An orderly attends to a commissioned officer during official working hours,” Yankuba replied.

“Ensa Mendy informed the court that he was your bodyguard. Is that correct, Sir?” Lawyer Sisoho asked.

Yanks replied in the negative and he added that in a regimental army like the Gambia Armed Forces commissioned officers do not have bodyguards.

“As a member of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council did you have a bodyguard?” Sisoho asked.

“Members of the AFPRC Council did not have bodyguards except for the Chairman and the Vice Chairman who both had bodyguards, protocol officers and principal protection officers as well as an ADC,” Touray replied.

Touray maintained that Ensa Mendy was not the only orderly as he pointed out that Jali Musa Sowe was his orderly too. He informed the court Mendy and Sowe worked in shifts.

The witness said Lamin Ndour was his driver and he drove him daily during working hours and when he closed from work, Ndour goes home.

“On that Friday, while at State House, did you send Lamin Ndour and Ensa Mendy to your house?” asked the lawyer.

“No,” Touray said.

Touray said he prayed the Friday congregational prayer in Banjul and went home in Kerr Sering. He explained that on arrival at home he gave Ensa Mendy and Lamin Ndour fares to go for their weekends after he ate lunch and had a nap.

He said in the evening he received a call from the Chairman of AFPRC who was Lieutenant Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh to reschedule their earlier meeting, saying he was invited to a meeting at the State House by the Chairman. He added that he went with the July 22nd file containing the minutes of meeting regarding the mobilisation and sensitisation programme.

“Were was Ensa Mendy?” his Lawyer asked.

“Ensa Mendy had left already because I need not to tell him because it was a routine between the orderlies to shift duties. Jali Musa Sowe alias JM Sowe automatically had to come on that Friday and he did,” Touray told the court.

He said at the State House he was received by Lieutenant Bajinka who was Yahya A.J.J Jammeh’s ADC who ushered him into the living room of the Chairman where they held the meeting.

“There was no Council meeting. The meeting was between me and Lieutenant Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh,” Touray said.

He said none of the Council members was in that meeting, adding that Koro Ceesay who was the minister of Finance was also not present. He said ex-Captain Ebou Jallow was out of the jurisdiction.

“Council meetings were only held on Tuesdays,” Touray answered.

“Prosecution witness two – Ensa Mendy and prosecution witness 4 – Lamin Ndour, while under oath told the court that they drove you to the State House for a Council meeting of the AFPRC,” Sisoho said.

“No,” Touray said.

“Both Ensa Mendy and Lamin Ndour while under oath told the court that they saw you and other council members going upstairs to the Chairman’s office for a Council meeting,” Sisoho told Touray.

“No,” the accused replied.

“Ensa Mendy and Lamin Ndour said after the alleged meeting you came down and instructed them to go home,” Sisoho said.

“No,” Touray answered.

“Was Ensa Mendy and Lamin Ndour at the State House with you on the day the Chairman was leaving for Ethiopia?” Sisoho asked.

“No,” Touray said.

“Did you discuss with the Chairman on the agenda of the meeting?” the lawyer asked.

“The primary objective of the meeting was discussed which was the sensitisation and mobilisation programme initiated by the July 22nd Movement. We have discussed the summary of the meeting (of the July 22nd Movement) and the recommendations therein which was approved by the Chairman of the AFPRC,” Touray said.

He said after the meeting he took permission to leave but Jammeh asked him to wait and have snacks together. He said after eating with the Chairman, he was told to wait and join him to the airport.

The testimony continues at 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. today.

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