The Point clocks 29

Dec 16, 2020, 5:20 PM | Article By: Sanna Jallow 

The Point Newspaper, one of the leading and widely read newspapers in the country, is celebrating 29 years since its first publication hits newsstands.

The paper till today has been widely acclaimed for its proactive stance towards issues affecting The Gambia media. Due to its firm stance on press freedom, the paper has won five international awards, thanks to its stance on the independence of the media.

Pap Saine, co-publisher of The point Newspaper, said the paper is the only paper in The Gambia which has won five international awards. 

Established on 16 December 1991, The Point was founded by Pap Saine, late Deyda Hydara and late Babucarr Gaye, who only served four months and then resigned.

"I want to seek this opportunity to appeal to the government of The Gambia for an immediate arrest and trial of those involved in the murder of late journalist, Deyda Hydara, who was assassinated on the 16 December 2004".

He mentioned that Cpt. Malick Jatta, Major Sanna Manjang and Sergeant Alieu Jeng were complicit in the murder of the late journalist, adding that Cpt. Jatta was first arrested, but now released while Major Sanna Manjang has fled the country to Guinea Bissau.

"We cannot forget Deyda Hydara as he was a fighter for press freedom and a representative of the voiceless in the media.”

Mr. Saine also said that the authorities should name a street or a school after Deyda for his commitment and his firm stance for national development and promotion of peace in the media.

“As we celebrate today's anniversary I would seek this opportunity to thank the staff and management for their commitment and dedication for making the paper in the higher standard to make us win five international awards in Germany 2006, Australia 2010, South Africa 2014, Zambia and the United States for press freedom.”

He explained that the paper has a wider audience as it publishes both in French and English.

Mr. Saine also thanked all advertisers and subscribers for their continued contribution towards the sustainability of the paper, saying managing a newspaper is not an easy task.

“We also appeal to the government to support the private media in terms of training and subventions to meet their challenges.”

Mr. Saine finally expressed gratitude to the Hydara Family, thanking them for a more peaceful and smooth partnership and friendship in this endeavour.

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