Religious minister describes Ulama's Confab as forgiveness day

Dec 8, 2022, 10:07 AM | Article By: Adama Jallow

Sheriff Abba Sanyang, the minister for Lands, Regional Governments, Religious and NGO Affairs and chairperson of the Local Coordinating Committee of the African Religious Ministers and Ulamas, has stated that the first-ever conference of the African Religious Ministers and Ullamas hosted in The Gambia marks a day of forgiveness, love sharing with peace and stability and acceptance amongst the Muslim Ummah both in the country and across the globe.

Mr. Sanyang was speaking on Wednesday at the SDKJ International Conference Center where about 3000 Muslims converged to witness the forum. Amongst the participants were 81 international delegates from 38 African countries including religious leaders, government officials and political actors to discuss peace and tolerance.

The conference was organised by Muslim World and brought together participants from various social and professional backgrounds to network and deliberate under the theme: ‘Promotion of Peace, Understanding, and Unity among Communities and Nations’.

As the Gambia widely opened the door for a progressive intra-dialogue, the conference is expected to be hosted next year by another African country as it is set for rotation.

Abba Sanyang took the opportunity to urge all participants to network as much as possible, stating that their collective responsibilities as ministers  responsible for religious affairs is to serve as the link in unifying the Ullamas  and the world at large.