Police launch probe into Ousman Camara’s attack

Feb 4, 2021, 12:10 PM

The Office of The Inspector General of Police in a press release says it has learned with dismay, the unwarranted attack on one Ousman Camara, a Sierra Leonean national, who frequents the West Field Junction area chanting the name of the President. It added that they are investigating the matter.

“In a video circulating on social media, certain unscrupulous individuals are seen jointly hitting, kicking and violently assaulting him causing injury.

This ugly and barbaric act is totally condemned and seriously frowned upon as it has no place in any civilised society.

To this effect, the public is hereby informed that an investigation has been opened and anyone found wanting will be strictly dealt with according to law.

The public is further advised to report matters to the appropriate authorities for redress and never must they take the law into their own hands.

The Inspector General's Office wishes to stress that, in a democratic and pluralistic society, individuals are entitled to their opinions, religious beliefs and political affiliations and therefore, no one deserves to be brutalised for such.

The Gambia has been known to be a peaceful country which has cordial relations with countries within the sub-region and beyond including Sierra Leone which has strong historical ties with The Gambia. Therefore, no individual or group is allowed to treat citizens of other countries in such inhumane manners.

Members of the public are urged to volunteer any information that may be useful to the investigation.

The cooperation and understanding of the public is highly solicited.

Note: To volunteer information on grounds of anonymity, kindly inbox us on this page or call 9968885.”