Police launch investigation as prominent lawyer accused of rape

Jul 27, 2020, 1:09 PM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

Police have launched an investigation into the allegation of rape involving a prominent Gambian lawyer, who is accused of raping a 16 year old girl; The Point has been reliably informed.

The suspect, Hammey Krubally, who was arrested by police on Friday at the time of gathering the report, has now been granted police bail in the sum of D200,000 with a Gambian surety.

The complainant together with her family, our source added, claimed that the girl was first raped by the perpetrator when she was 16 years of age.

Our source explained that the complainant was raped two times by the suspect. “The suspect is a childhood friend of the complainant’s father who is currently out of the country. As a result of that, her father introduced the family to the suspect. The complainant’s father told his family that anything they need in the country they could contact the suspect as he (Mr. Krubally) was their uncle.”

Our source further claimed that there was a time when the complainant attempted to also travel outside the country. As a result of that, the victim met the suspect who claimed that he could help the young girl with her transactions in order to travel.

“At one point the suspect invited her to his house. The young girl visited the man thinking that they would be discussing the issue of her travel arrangements. Surprisingly, the suspect twisted the discussion and told the complainant that he is interested in building affairs with her. The girl was not happy hearing such from the suspect, hence she wanted to leave. However, the suspect convinced the girl to stay and decided to offer her a drink.”

After the girl took the drink, our source further added, she became unconscious. After regaining consciousness, she realised that she was in the middle of the suspect’s bed in a pool of blood.

“The girl screamed for help and the suspect told the girl that had he known that the girl was a virgin he would have not touched her. The young girl didn’t tell anybody what happened between her and the suspect when she returned home. Unfortunately, the girl became sick as the rape turned to be a pregnancy.”

“Her sister who works for the suspect as a mate took her to the hospital for a medical test only to realise that she was pregnant,” our source added.

“When the complainant’s sister questioned her about the pregnancy, she revealed that it was Hammey who was responsible for the pregnancy.”

Our source further stated the suspect even confessed to having carnal knowledge with the complainant and even invited them to his house for the fact that the girl was underage. The man pleaded with the sister to abort the pregnancy because it will tarnish his image if news of his wrongdoing goes viral.” 

The young girl, our source further went on, insisted that she was not going to get rid of the pregnancy. However, her sister was able to convince her to do the abortion. “The suspect recommended a doctor and the doctor charged D5000 for the abortion fee, which was paid by the suspect.

“Again, this month on July 15 the complainant received a call from a man claiming that she got money for her. When she went to get the money she noticed that it was Krubally again. She attempted to leave the lodge but unfortunately she was kidnapped with the help of the suspect’s driver and she was raped by the suspect for the second time. As we are speaking now she is one week pregnant.”

Lamin Fatty, national coordinator of Child Protection Alliance (CPA) who was also contacted for comments confirmed the development to The Point, saying “we will do everything possible in ensuring that perpetrators of rape don’t have a safe place in our society. Laws to protect children and their welfare must be enforced in order to create a better child friendly environment for future leaders of this country,” he added.

He said they have zero tolerance for perpetrators who commit rape and other heinous crimes against our young girls.

Lamin Njie, spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force (GPF) said the police received and launched an investigation into rape allegation against the suspect. “The case is currently under investigation. If we receive details of the story we will share it with you. The last time when I was with the investigators they didn’t yet charge the accused person as investigation is still ongoing.”

Efforts to reach Mr. Krubally for comments proved futile.