Police arrest driver over Tujereng stolen goats

Feb 8, 2021, 11:54 AM | Article By: Yusupha Jobe

Police have confirmed the arrest of a taxi driver accused of stealing goats and sheep from residents of Tujereng’s Social Security Housing Real Estate.

Residents of the area recently reported a theft case involving goats plus other unidentified properties belonging to people staying at the housing estate.

The Office of Inspector General of Police in a statement released on Thursday 4 February 2021, states: “The police are pleased to announce that it has arrested the taxi driver whose number was in circulation for allegedly stealing sheep and goats around Tujereng.

“The suspect is currently helping the police in their investigations,” it ends.

The Police PRO, Superintendent Lamin Njie, told The Point in an interview that the suspect was arrested thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Gambia Police Force, noting police are duty bound to protect the people and their properties.

He stated that since the matter was reported around the community’s housing estate, the police have taken strong commitment in making sure activities of such unlawful act are controlled.

“We were able to make arrest of the taxi driver accused of stealing goats and sheep at the Tujereng Housing Estate. So as at now, he is currently under police custody helping the investigations.”

“We want to assure the public that the police will never relent to protect their lives and properties. Because this is what we have sworn on before taking up the duty as security personnel,” he assured.

Pa Malick Jone, a resident told The Point in an interview that the reported theft case involving goats and other properties happened over the weekend (weekend before last) around 2 p.m. in the afternoon after a taxi with a number plate: BJL 9635 R was spotted carrying goats and drove to escape.

“We had no car at the moment to chase the taxi. I personally saw a car standing from a distance and before I could even realise that it was carrying goats, he quickly drove away.

“We were with no car at that moment to follow the taxi but what is fortunate is; we were able to trace the number plate. What I want to remind people, especially residents of the real estate, is to be careful of the growing cases of theft by certain unscrupulous individuals who come to steal people’s properties,” he advised.