Petroleum ministry did not increase tariff – Minister Jobe

Jun 23, 2023, 11:42 AM | Article By: Jankey Ceesay

The Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Hon. Abdoulie Jobe, has disclosed that electricity and water tariffswere not increased by his ministry; rather by country’s laws which are guided by PURA.

The minister made this disclosure at the National Assembly Chambers during time of questions for oral answers by ministers.

“Tariffs or any increase is not popular anywhere and my ministry did not increase tariffs,” he explained.“There is a law in the country, tariffication is guided by that law, and PURA being the independent regulator which regulates the sector made a determination based on factual scientific data which was based on the cost of producing water and electricity and this tariff, according to PURA, will enable NAWEC to be able to sustain the services they provide.” 

He said his ministry’s role is to make sure that NAWEC, which is under his responsibility, provides the services and what the regulator does is something beyond his control.

“The tariff as per PURA determination will enable NAWEC to recover its cost and stay afloat. Following the determination, the government in consultation with the ministry of finance provided subsidy to dampen the determination so that the resultant tariff to the consumer was as to what was published,” he added. 

“The ministry is neither involved or have a say in the determination.This is independent of the government. But when PURA made the determination it was brought to the level of the government and the government then decided what it could do in other for all to be able to receive the services NAWEC provides.” 

Minister Jobe underscored that the tariff according to PURA was a do or die and nonetheless the “government is aware” of the outcry.  “The government is taking all the necessary measures to make sure in the future when we roll out the green energy source, we will be able to see how to dampen and reduce the tariff,” he assured 

He said the infrastructure was under construction to ensure they improve the quality of service of electricity and water in the country. 

“Currently as part of this tariff determination, there are certain clauses that the regulator has not accepted to be included in tariff determination from NAWEC; these are in efficiencies that were not factored,” he pointed out.