NPP launched with leader claiming it represents present and future

Feb 1, 2021, 12:32 PM | Article By: Sankulleh Gibril Janko

President Adama Barrow has claimed the National People’s Party (NPP) represents the present and the future as he officially launched the party in front of thousands of party supporters on Saturday at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

Addressing the jubilant supporters, the founder said “NPP represents the present and the future and it is here for all Gambian citizens within the frame of a new political consciousness and a new direction. It is the party for all categories of people, based on the concept of true democratic and patriotic Gambian citizenship.”

President Barrow is of the view that Gambians must have assessed him before urging him to form a party and contest the upcoming elections.

“I am convinced that in urging me to form a political party to contest the 2021 Presidential Election, the people of this nation must have assessed me and my performance. 

“Furthermore, I am convinced that your confidence in me, as a nation, is based on sound reasoning and wise judgment, hence your call for me to lead this historic voyage.

“It is with much humility and profound gratitude, therefore, that I register my appreciation of the faith and confidence that the Gambian population have in me and their encouragement and support for me to champion the cause of this nation under the banner of a new Party

“I have accepted to form this party, together with all of you to provide a platform for us to collectively fight the social divisions, political cracks and institutional failures that have persistently undermined the peace, stability, progress and development of our dear motherland.”

President Barrow has been credited for creating an enabling environment for various fundamental human rights, and he assured of continuity in that regard.

“The NPP is the outcome of the commitment to sustain the change that was brought about in 2016 and the public outcry for freedom, justice, peace, progress and dignity, as well as for fundamental rights and liberties.

He continued: “Be assured that this is a party devoted to creating, expanding and sustaining space for popular participation in development as politically mature, democratic, patriotic and economically independent citizens.”

Barrow founded the National People’s Party NPP in December 2019 before it was registered on 21 February 2020.