MoFWR signs borehole drilling contract worth over D34m

Nov 24, 2020, 10:55 AM

The Ministry of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters recently signed a contract with Heloika Energy for the construction of a hundred and three (103) boreholes across the country; fifty (50) of which are large boreholes and the other fifty-three (53) are mini boreholes costing D34 Million.

Lot 1A comprises 50 large boreholes worth over D19 Million while lot1B comprises 53 boreholes worth over D15million. 

In addition, the drilling of these boreholes are a component under The Climate Smart Wash Development Project (CSRWASHDEP), a project under the Ministry of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters, whose main objectives are to increase access to safe, clean drinking water and sustainable water supply. It is also to provide sanitation and hygiene facilities to the targeted communities in The Gambia.

This project (CSRWASHDEP) aims to target residents of rural and Peri- urban communities, as well as deprived urban communities with poor waste management practices, whose environment is facing increasing climate change threats such as flash flooding and periods of extreme drought.

A hundred and fifty-five communities will benefit from the Project (boreholes) and would also be provided with sanitary facilities to discourage open defecation.

As a mechanism for sustainable management of the borehole facilities, the Ministry of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters through the Department of Water Resources’ Climate Smart Rural Wash Development Project (CSRWASHDEP) has established Water Committees in all the beneficiary communities throughout the Country. These committees will be responsible for the management and proper up keep of the facilities.

Each beneficiary community is required to open and maintain a Bank Account with a minimum amount of D25, 000 deposited on yearly basis for a period of five years. These moneys are collected, deposited, controlled and managed by each individual Water Committee in all the beneficiary communities and it would serve as fix deposit for future maintenance of the water facilities whenever they are officially handed over to the beneficiary Communities at the end of the Project (CSRWASHDEP).

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