Mai believes GMC can connect political shareholders for unity, achieve common goal

Sep 7, 2020, 12:00 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

The secretary general and party leader of Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), Mai Ahmed Fatty, on Saturday stated on his Facebook page that GMC is the bridge that can connect all the major or lead stakeholders for a united, concerted action to achieve a common national goal.

“GMC will leverage our leading edge as ideas and solutions providers, while keep our doors open for constructive, inclusive engagement with all relevant stakeholders in the democratic process. We will not shut the door on any lawful political entity. We will work with all because we are enemies to none and partners to all genuine actors in national development,” he posted.

He further pointed out that the synergy shall always consolidate “our sovereign independence as a separate political party,” saying they will team up with all political parties based on national interest.

He said his party does not believe in the politics of antagonism and conflict, adding that political parties are instruments of access to control the helm of governance infrastructure and to ascend the ultimate authority of the State. 

The former presidential adviser revealed that GMC will utilise creative approaches deploying constructive dialogue to narrow the areas of divergence.

“We'd like to partner on healthcare, education, agriculture, statutory reforms, marine resources management and the environment, youth empowerment, economic justice, values and moral re-orientation. There is a non-negotiable variable that shall constitute the core of our relationship with individuals and entities. The idea of morality is the fulcrum at the heart of GMC political philosophy and shall remain prominent on our agenda in every negotiation, because it is the primary foundation of our political ideology.”

He argued that politics with morality is a permanent, non-negotiable, irrevocable and indispensable element in entire platforms. He indicated it is the anchor of ‘our conservative agenda and governance principle.’

“Morality is the missing link to bridge the gap between credible governance and leadership with integrity.”

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