Jammeh has  approved us to work with  the GDC Says Pa Modou Mbowe

Oct 27, 2021, 2:00 PM | Article By: Adama Tine

Following the recent arrest of Jerrending Sanyang, a Jammeh supporter and a top member of No Alliance Movement on Monday 25 October 2021, Pa Modou Mbowe a member of the new executive established by Yahya Jammeh, in an interview, took the opportunity to reveal that former president Yahya Jammeh has approved for them to work with GDC of Hon. Mamma Kandeh

“We are not only going to surprise the nation on nomination day but we would stun and reconcile the nation on that day with our candidate. Jammeh has approved that we work with the GDC.

He added that “GDC is a son of the APRC. If APRC has a son in The Gambia; it’s GDC and if the APRC has a brother in the country, it’s still the GDC because Mamma Kandeh has been our MP for 10 good years,” he noted.

“We didn’t expect that the magnitude would have been like this,” Mr. Mbowe said, adding “but we leave it for the people to judge if there’s democracy in this country; if there’s freedom of expression and if there’s freedom of press in this country or not,” he stressed.

According to him, this is no longer a No To Alliance thing, but it’s about the APRC because it has been commissioned by President Jammeh who’s the supreme leader, the chairman of the party and the APRC flag bearer.

“The way Jammeh selected the former executive body is the same way he selected the new executive members, the way he was expelling people is the same way he did with the executive that just left office and there’s no difference,” he explained.

He added that just recently Jammeh sacked some people via an audio such as MA Bah, Sulayman Single Nyassi, Nabou Saho, Amie Jammeh and Koutim Jarju and the decision stood because that has always been the protocol.

“We had solidarity from the UDP Secretary General and party leader Ousainou Darboe who condemned the arrest that happened during our press conference and described it illegal. Honourable Mamma Kandeh sent a delegation that comprised of his deputy, his brother Abdoulie Kandeh, his youth president MC Cham Junior to come to Jerrending Sanyang’s house to pay solidarity,” Mbowe explained.

“As the chairman, supreme leader and flag bearer of the APRC, Mbowe added, Yahya Jammeh does not recognised the recent dissolved executive as an executive that he’ll work with. It is us that he recommends as his executive body and right now he has submitted our names to the IEC but whether they would take it or not we are going to do what we supposed to do and hold our congress,” he confirmed.