I have so much respect for Ousainou Darboe: Dodou Jah

Nov 13, 2020, 11:57 AM | Article By: Sankulleh Gibril Janko

The executive secretary and deputy spokesperson of Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC), Dodou Jah, has expressed his utmost respect for the party leader of United Democratic Party (UDP) lawyer Ousainou Darboe.

Known for his open-mindedness, Dodou also expressed his respect for the party leader of Citizens Alliance (CA) Dr. Ismail Ceesay and congratulated him for being officially elected as the standard bearer of the party, describing him as patriotic.

Dr. Ismail Ceesay will go unopposed in the party’s upcoming congress.

In exclusive interview with this reporter on Thursday, the APRC executive member sincerely expressed his feelings towards his political opponents.

Responding to a question about Darboe saying only assassination will prevent him from running for office in 2021 presidential elections, the APRC Executive Secretary said, “on the side of UDP, I have so much respect for Ousainou Darboe, it’s not his wishes or what he want, it’s the law and the law is above everybody.”

He further said the laws governing candidacy are clearly stated and should be respected.

He expressed his respect for Darboe’s willingness to serve the party and its people.

The APRC deputy spokesperson also stated how much he respects the leader of CA, Dr. Ismail Ceesay and described him as “very patriotic.”

 “I’d want to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Ceesay for being the flag bearer of Citizens Alliance. This is no surprise as expected and surely this is not surprise,” Jah said. “I wish him well; he is young, very patriotic. He loves his country and wants to see the change. I have so much respect for them as a party, with the youths they have and the efforts they are doing, I am very much happy that he is the flag bearer.”(sic) standard bearer.

A political analyst who wants to remain anonymous described Mr. Jah’s comments as mature and encouraging.

He said it is good to see a politician whose party has lots of followers making such positive comments about his political comments, saying politics is about respect for one another despite having divergent views.

According to him, The Gambia needs politicians who will “preach peace and respect one and other for us to be a better and matured political country.”

He called on all the politicians to follow Dodou Jah’s footsteps to promote and foster a better relationship among their party supporters by leading with examples.

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