GRA holds maiden pre-retirement sensitisation

Dec 24, 2020, 12:51 PM

The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) under the watchful eye of the Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe, recently held its maiden pre-retirement sensitisation for the 2021-2022 retirees.

The two-day forum that was held between 16 and 17 December 2020, brought experts from GRA, GTSC, SSHFC and GCCI among others, is designed to empower the retirees with the requisite knowledge to use appropriate strategies to manage stress.

The sensitisation was organised by the HR Department.

The sensitisation centred on various topics such as: What Retirement is all About ? Emotional and Mind-set Management, Financial Planning and Management, Commercial Vehicle Operation and Management (small business management, trading and farming business - Horticulture/ fruit trees.)

Speaking shortly after the training, Madam Tida J. Ndow, HR manager, responsible for Pensions and Welfare at GRA, explained briefly the concept of organising such an important forum. She stated that the objective of the training was to inform the retirees that retirement is an evitable venture.

She dilated that the gratuity and monthly pensions replacing their previous monthly salaries may not be adequate to cater for most of their needs and can sometimes be badly managed.

She therefore, said GRA in addition to catering for every employee’s retirement benefits, deems it necessary to also organise pre-retirement sensitisation for its people at the exit door to help them better understand the inevitability of retirement.

“The objective is also to assist them have personal understanding of financial planning, manage their health and help them appreciate types of opportunities that are available for them to take advantage.”

The training was also to help the participants to be proactive and strategically plan for their life after retirement. “They will equally be exposed to techniques of dealing with financial challenges and requirement. With early preparation, it is possible and safe to make the necessary provision to overcome the numerous challenges of retirement.”

For his part Commissioner General Darboe, who gave a word of wisdom, lamented on the significance of the pre-retirement forum.

He expressed gratitude to the HR Department for such an event that he believes would greatly empower the retirees. He also challenged the retirees to utilise the knowledge gained, noting that retirement is enviable.

Mr. Darboe assured that GRA would continue annually to organise such forum for retirees to better know about investment opportunities in the market.

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